With scheduled date for days 9, 10, 11 and 12 may, the largest dance music and show business conference in Latin America releases its first panels and activities. Among the highlights are a panel geared towards music mastering with studio weight representatives such as Midas and Tree Mastering, an overview of the electronic scenario in Southern Brazil, as well as workshops such as “learn to create amazing experiencies” with Franklin Costa and Carol Soares of Pulse project. Each activity is related to a MACROTHEMES that guides participants to seek themes within their specific interests. It’s them: we are latinoamérica!, Trend Topics, Future Forum, Music + Brands and Art in sound. Follow the general programming, in addition to all the first panels and workshops confirmed on the website BRMC and below:

BRMC inside the south market | WE ARE Latinoamerica!

In addiction to BBQ and erva-mate, electronic music has already become tradition in Southern Brazil. From capitals to the country itinerant parties, clubs and artists have created a sustainable ecosystem where public, resident DJs, labels, producers develop in broad steps. Learn more about the market through the experience of important exponents of the region.

Nado Carvalho (Beehive club)
Laura Marcon (Sharp Movement party)
Rapha Costa (Levels party)
Fran Bortolossi (Colours party)

Electronic music as a social inclusion tool | Art in Sound

Integration projects through electronic music begin to be a positive in São Paulo, let’s meet the Ateliê DJ da Fabrica de Cultura de Brasilândia.

Participant: DJ Goonie

Planning your release in practice | Showbusiness

Single or album? It will be the case of a bootleg free download to create a buzz? Through visions of different professionals in the entertainment market, understand best practices to build the communication of your event, brand or musical project, analyzing elements needed for an effective release as target audience, narrative construction, brand identity, tools and plataforms To be used.

Rodrigo Airaf (The Boreal Agency)
Igor Rodrigues (Apex Music)
Carlla Bastos (Digital Marketing Executive)
Nathalia Birkholz (TropiPress Agency)
Gabriela Loschi (The Boreal Agency)

Master: From technique to aesthetics | Art In Sound

One of the most important stages of music production is mastering. She is one of those responsible for the final aesthetics of sound before reaching the ears of thousands of people. That is why it is necessary for every music producer to understand how important this process is and what are the ways to have a professional outcome.

André Salata (Producer)
Carlos Pinheiro (Tree Mastering)
Renato Patriarca (Midas Studio)
Felipe Charret (Off Ax Records)

Learn how to create unforgettable experiences | Trending Topic

Experiences are able to change our lives. More than ever, they also define the sucess of a brand, be it a party or a festival. Anthropologist Carol Soares and publicist Franklin Costa created the first National Design Ebook of experiences. In this panel, they will give some tips for those who want to create unforgettable experiences and win the best advertising of all: the mouth-to-mouth of their customers.

Instructors: Carol Soares e Franklin Costa (Fluxo Project)

Instagram – how to take advantage of the plataform that most grows on the market | Trending Topic

With over 700 million users in 2017, 200 million of them using stories daily and having Brazil as the second largest country in number from users, Instagram is today the carro-chefe for the digital strategies of large companies and brands. In this parctical and objetive workshop, we will talk about how to use the social network to disseminate songs, events and brands on the plataform by establishing a direct connection between fans and target audience.

Instructor: Matheus Tavares (The Boreal Agency)

Creativity in times of crisis | Trending Topic

With growing competition within our market and the consolidated popularization of social common place. In this workshop, we will explore different angles and solutions for your communication to come out of the box, whether you are an event producer, DJ or entrepreneur, with accessible examples from various companies, and we understand that the “creative block” can be overcome and what to do Your brand stand out may be more fun than you imagine.

Instructor: Rodrigo Airaf (The Boreal Agency)

The registrations follow open and have a lot on this thursday (05 April). Make your registration before and guarantee the best price.

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