The conference of dance music and show business reaches its tenth edition and brings over 300 guests, 400 brands and 100 content for you to make an immersion in this scenario that if it develops fast. Ever wonder why you and your brand should participate? There are some reasons:


1 – BRMC is the main sector HUB in South America

The Brazil Music Conference (BRMC) is the main conference that brings together the Dance Music market and Show Business in Latin America. This means that your brand will be in contact with professionals from all over Brazil and the world that speak the same language: business! Artists, agents, promoters, media, event producers, entrepreneurs and professionals of sound areas, light, design, technology, communication: all meet in the BRMC and being present at Expo Fair is an opportunity (and a showcase) unique in this environment!

2 – Business today, business tomorrow

Such a diverse and broad space certainly has people with the most diverse luggage and needs. Customers who can close business at the moment and also potencial trading partners. A well-drafted exchange of contacts allows the scope of participation at Expo Fair to extend for many months after the conference.

3 – Your Brand in the spotlight

To be preent in the properties offered by BRMC is the certainty of not only connect its brand to the main players of the market as being featured before everyone in the market. Expo Fair takes  place in a living area where all particpants circulate

4 – The magic of surprise

Your focus is sales? Great, because good deals will certainly be realized! But what if you happen to find a supplier you’ve been looking for? Or a qualified professional who can fill a gap within your structure? The ambience of the fair goes far beyond the immediate goals of exhibitors and surprises always happen.

5 – Learning never too much

Besides business, being present in the BRMC brings a great learning. These are new ideas, new thoughts, new looks on the market and the music scene circulating through every corner of Unibes Cultural. The convergence of people from diverse segments in search of business and knowledge provides an environment in which exchanges can be breathe.


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