The Brazil Music Conference, the main conference that
brings together professionals from the creative economy
focused on electronic music andentertainment in latin 
america. As a trusteeship platform for trends and space
for connections among professionals in the industry, it
offers opportunities to those who want to participate 
actively in this scenario.





Years of History

Cities traveled


Guests per year

The Rio Music Conference (RMC) conference emerged in 2009 from the perception that the Brazilian electronic music market was developing rapidly and that a convergence hub
 was needed. In the course of nearly ten years of life, the event toured 13 Brazilian cities, conducting more than 30 editions and directly involving thousands of 
professionals. The business events receive more than 300 guests each year, among which have already featured personalities from more than 13 countries. In 2017, 
renamed the Brazil Music Conference, the conference becomes even more pluralistic, serving as a catalyst for the creative entertainment industry not only for Brazil, but 
also for the entire Latin American continent. At each edition of the conference, more than 100 activities are proposed, divided into workshops, panel discussions, showcases,
Q & As, case presentations and more. The curatorship is attended by industry professionals, artists, educational institutions and academics: through live tutorials, the 
latest technologies are put to the test by the experienced instructors of the best music schools in the country; through debates with distinguished guests, participants have 
the opportunity to stay inside the news and learn from the best in the market. In addition to the conference, two prominent products reaffirm the importance of BRMC in its 
industry. The first is the Market Yearbook, pioneering material that analyzes with unique credibility the economic and artistic scenery of national and Latin American electronic 
music. The second is the BRMC Award, which aims to recognize and highlight more than 20 categories within the industry.